We’re a video production company

that believes in the power of audio-visual storytelling

A good story paired with the right visuals and sounds, has the power to captivate audiences, to get them excited about your brand, your company and your product.



Your video is our next great story. Whether you need a commercial, promo video, travel video, explainer video or documentary, our professional video production company in Malaysia will help you bring that story to life.

Every great video is crafted in three stages.

Our friendly video production company will guide you through it all.

Video pre production cover photo by Buzzworks Malaysia


While you may not see much action in the early stage of the video production process, you must know that it functions as the foundation to your video. We start off by clearing all doubts, and gaining a solid understanding of your project before beginning the scriptwriting process, where we use the power of words to bring your story to life.

Once the script is finalized, we move on to storyboarding, where we visually craft each scene using sketches and images. Upon approval of the storyboard, we proceed to the next step – planning and preparation for the shoot. This is where we sort out details like location, talent, wardrobe, props, makeup artist and shooting schedule.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

The production stage is where you get to watch your ideas from the pre-production stage come to life. Our professional video production crew will get to work with cameras, drones, lighting and audio equipment to capture magnificent visuals and sounds that will soon be weaved together to form your story.

Creative motion graphics designer job opportunity


Our video editors will screen through all the footages gathered from the production stage, select the best takes, and start piecing the scenes together according to your script and storyboard. They will then work their magic by applying colour grading, motion graphics, background music and sound effects to enhance the final video.