Hey there! If you’re a motion graphics artist, you’re undoubtedly looking for good motion graphics tutorials to help you learn new techniques and skills. All over the web there are motion graphics specialists that have created amazing tactics and tutorials. In this post, Buzzworks has curated a list of The Top 12 Free Motion Graphics Tutorial Websites for you. So get on board the bookmark train as we take you through each of these websites. Enjoy!

Video Copilot

A collaborative resource for training, design tools and artists. With awesome, informational tutorials by Andrew Kramer that teaches you Hollywood level motion graphics, this is one website you definitely want to bookmark if you’re looking to take your motion graphics skills to the next level.



A website that makes learning more accessible and effective by dishing out easy-to-follow tutorials and training that show you way more than just what buttons to push. One of the best websites to visit if you’re searching for top-notch tools and training for Cinema 4D, hands down.



A motion graphics hub for motion graphic designers. Besides have a dedicated section for motion graphic tutorials, Mograph also allows visitors to discuss anything related to motion graphics, post reels and portfolios, showcase W.I.P or finished work, post jobs and many more. Definitely a must-bookmark website for any motion graphic designers.



A diverse tutorial website that offers quality motion graphics tutorials for a wide variety of software such as After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Mocha, Maya and many more.



A motion graphics mastery website that provides high quality learning resources in After Effects and Cinema 4D that encourages and challenges participants to break through to new levels of excellence in their own work.



A good website that offers informative and easy-to-follow tutorials for multiple software especially After Effects.


Creative Dojo

A great place to watch hours of training tutorials, grab workflow tools and assets, and keep up on industry news all in one place. Geared towards After Effects and Cinema 4D, this website is worth checking out if you’re an avid user of these software.



A tutorial website run by industry professionals Dave Koss and Matt Milstead. A majority of the site focuses on Cinema 4D, but there are also videos on After Effects and now Nuke. Besides tutorials, Brograph offers videos about ongoing experiments, video presentations about the industry, animation breakdowns, a podcast, and soon a section of affordable model packs.


Rocketstock Blog

A blog that offers useful tips and tutorials for After Effects, motion design & video editing. With quite a number of helpful tips and tutorials available, this website deserves a spot on your bookmark list.


Mt. Mograph

A wonderful website that offers many free tutorials, predominantly for After Effects. Definitely worth checking out if After Effects is your jam.


Evan Abrams

A hidden gem that provides excellent After Effects tutorials, tools and motion graphics inspiration.



A training hub with many free tutorials, training and an active Hebrew forum which is owned by Eran Stern, a recognized Adobe expert trainer and an author of many popular video tutorials and training series for Lynda.com, CreativeCOW, Adobe, Artbeats and others.


Hopefully, you guys found this list useful. If we missed out any awesome websites or if you’d like to recommend one, please do so in the comments section. Any other feedback is greatly appreciated as well. Also, if you’re interested in viewing some awesome motion graphics videos, you can do so here.

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