How Do Corporate Videos Help Increase Brand Awareness corporate video production mumbai

How Do Corporate Videos Help Increase Brand Awareness

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Let’s be honest here: how you market your brand, company or product affects how consumers see you. In this day and age, corporate videos are powerful tools utilized across multiple media platforms which skyrockets brand awareness.

But what is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the degree of consumer awareness of a brand and its related products. It’s essential in every marketing and sales strategy. It helps consumers identify and differentiate where exactly your brand stands in the market. For example, if your company sells dishwashing products, you’d want to make sure consumers choose you over products X, Y and Z. Your solution lies in corporate videos. 

Corporate videos aid in defining the uniqueness and character of brands and companies, steering the brand to forge strong positive associations with consumers, hence widening the spectrum of brand awareness.

Keep reading to find out how.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Videos In Your Marketing Strategy 32111

5 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Videos In Your Marketing Strategy

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We live in an increasingly pictorial world. Plain text is simply not covering as much advertising grounds as it used to. With the acceleration of visual content through mobile phones, social media and online video platforms, videos have a higher chance of getting across to the world now than they did before the dawn of advanced technology. If you own a business, then you’d probably want to get in on this amazing trend plenty of corporations are now practicing.

Two words: Corporate Videos.

Corporate videos are viewed for a wide demographic of viewers, ranging from company staff, investors, clients and customers and so many more. These videos convey your company values, your strengths, your stories and your success. Videos are and have become an integral part of all marketing strategies and if you want to take the lead, it’s time to jump into this bandwagon.

Here at Buzzworks, we want you to optimize your business platform and ensure it’s reaching its highest potential. We specialize in a variety of video productions and want to help you take the next step in attaining success with corporate video productions. Here are five reasons why you need corporate videos in your marketing strategy.

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How to Write A Smashing Video Script How to write a smashing video script

How to Write A Smashing Video Script

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The famous author C.S Lewis once quoted, “You can make anything by writing.” Writing is a wonderful way to bring life to an idea or concept that is planted in your mind. Here at Buzzworks Animation, we dedicate our time and energy to put into writing your ideas and concepts, before we proceed to producing your brainchild in the form of a video.

Before getting started on any video, you need a script that’s going to engage and entice your listeners and viewers. Your revolutionary ideas need to be put into a cohesive flow, built with the right words – so your message will be conveyed with utmost effect.

Script writing requires thought and effort. Writing a fresh draft and editing it to precision can take anywhere between 2 to 5 days. Writers first have to understand the concept of your ideas before they can put it into a script. If script writers misunderstand the concept, the whole script will be wrong, resulting in the entire video production going wrong. We don’t want that now, do we?

Did we scare you?

We hope we did.

We’ve compiled a few insightful tips to help you get started on writing your next best script. Keep reading! 😉

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The Famous 6 Types of Animation 6 types of animation

The Famous 6 Types of Animation

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If you’re new to animation and curious to learn more about the different types of animation that seem oh-so-similar, here’s a quick guide to help you gain a better understanding. Stick around with me and by the time we’re done, you’ll be an expert in the subject. Now all the way from Buzzworks, here are the famous 6 types of animation!

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5 Great Ways To Improve Your Animation Skills action 2277292 1920

5 Great Ways To Improve Your Animation Skills

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You may have a college degree in animation, and perhaps many years of experience in the industry. That’s amazing no doubt, but animation is an art that can only be mastered with constant effort and practice due to the fact that the animation industry is always evolving.

That being said, here are 5 awesome tips to help you master the art of animation: Read More

Buzzworks: The First Video Production Company in Malaysia to Create Personalized Videos man 791049 1920

Buzzworks: The First Video Production Company in Malaysia to Create Personalized Videos

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Kuala Lumpur- [25/4/2017]- Buzzworks is the first video production company in Malaysia to create personalized videos for brands that are looking to connect with customers on a more personal level.

“We created our first ever personalized video for global insurance company, AXA Insurance. AXA wanted a personalized video to thank each and every health insurance customer for choosing them,” said Thrishen Lingam, CEO of Buzzworks. Read More

Top 12 Free Motion Graphics Tutorial Websites TOP 12 FREE

Top 12 Free Motion Graphics Tutorial Websites

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Hey there! If you’re a motion graphics artist, you’re undoubtedly looking for good motion graphics tutorials to help you learn new techniques and skills. All over the web there are motion graphics specialists that have created amazing tactics and tutorials. In this post, Buzzworks has curated a list of The Top 12 Free Motion Graphics Tutorial Websites for you. So get on board the bookmark train as we take you through each of these websites. Enjoy! Read More

5 Must-Know Tips Before Working at an Animation or Motion Graphics Studio 5 must know tips

5 Must-Know Tips Before Working at an Animation or Motion Graphics Studio

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Congratulations! You’ve finally secured that dream job you’ve always wanted at that awesome animation or motion graphics studio. Now, you’re super excited to meet your colleagues and show them what you can do.

But wait! Now that you think about it, you don’t actually have any experience working in a studio and have no clue of what to expect. You could wing it and hope for the best – OR, you could read these 5 tips we’re about to share with you and nail your first day at work like a boss. Read More

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