2D Animation Studio in Malaysia

We create awesome 2D animation content to grow your brand

2D Animation Studio Cycle Carriage Bintang Creative Explainer Video

Guaranteed Value Protection Commercial

May 6, 2019

2D Animation Studio qLearn Explainer Video

qLearn Explainer Video

January 5, 2019

2D Animation Studio AXA Gap Insurance

AXA Gap Insurance Video

December 3, 2018

2D Animation Studio seda

SEDA Explainer Video

March 5, 2018

2D Animation Studio axa sg pv

AXA Singapore Personalized Video

January 31, 2018

2D Animation Studio axa sme insurance

AXA SME Insurance Explainer Video

January 24, 2018

2D Animation Studio rhb myhomeapp

RHB MyHome App Explainer Video

November 14, 2017

2D Animation Studio Axa cover 01 1

AXA FlexiDrive Explainer Video

July 13, 2017

2D Animation Studio cse corporate video

CSE Corporate Video

June 22, 2017


Work with our happy 2D Animation Studio in Malaysia to create fun and engaging videos that will boost awareness and drive sales

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Grab the attention of your audience with eye-catching animated videos.

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Get your message across. Animated videos are simple and easy to understand.

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With the right execution, animated videos can produce amazing results.


Our 2D Animation Production Process

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Step 1: Creative Brief

Fill out a simple creative brief outlining your objectives, target audience, key message, preferred video style and timeline.

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Step 2: Script 

Our scriptwriters will craft a compelling story based on the content and information you’ve provided, and send you a copy of the script for approval.

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Step 3: Visual Style

Choose your preferred graphic style and colour palette from our awesome visual style guide or send us an example of a style that you like.

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Step 4: Storyboard

Our all-star designers will design and illustrate a beautiful storyboard according to your final script and selected visual style.

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Step 5: Animation & Audio Mix

Our motion designers and animators will work their magic to bring your storyboard to life. Voice-over, background music and sound effects will be added to enhance the final video.

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Step 6: Final Video

Once the final video is approved, we deliver it to you in 1920 x 1080 Full HD Format.

For 3D Animation, the process is slightly different. Click here to learn more.